The natural evolution of our core business developing branded ecommerce websites has led us to create a powerful, forward-thinking solution for businesses. We see digital publishing as a true innovation that delivers a dynamic interactive experience through enhanced content on any mobile device. Our team of experts will show you how our creative solutions can create compelling stories, engage customers in real-time, and get your brand noticed like never before.

Presenting a high-end solution

Migrating publications of all kinds to the tablet, is allowing us to change the way users experience a story. Apps provide the opportunity for the user to dive deeper into the content, which delivers more engaging and enhanced content stunning interactivity, video, and audio - ultimately delivering the most effective experience.



From August 2013 to August 2015 digital magazine readership almost tripled - and this trend is only accelerating. We can create new digital magazines or transition your print editions for your digital audience. Rich media and interactivity will make your reader’s experience dynamic and engaging. Same content. Different experience. Let us create it for you.



Provide your managers and employees with a single secure app that can be updated with new information, when you need it, as often as you want. Create Annual Reports, Quarterly Bulletins, Employee Journals, Corporate Brochures and any other corporate documentation you need.

Medical &
Sales Information

Medical &
Sales Information

Our solutions enable the companies and representatives to be as informative and comprehensive as possible in his short time with physicians and leave behind interactive digital prescription documentation. Imagine all the documents, medical books, prescribing information, technical sheets – available at all times, offline, on your tablet, which can be made private through the use of a private and secure permission system.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Are your employees and trainees swamped with an overload of information? Provide them with an easy way of accessing enhanced, interactive training materials with video and audio content. Training Solutions for Human Resources Departments, Sales Directors, Marketing Directors that want to motivate their teams with steps to success that are engaging, and offer real time feedback. Have tests and interactive situations for them to simulate actual meetings, presentations, and have it made to give them a score, so they can continually improve their performance.



The cost of printing textbooks today has increased dramatically. This cost is passed on to parents and students, and increases the cost of their education. We can decrease these costs, and make a “text heavy” textbook, into an app that is both interesting and beautifully animated. We can make charts and analytics come to life. Static images can be engaging, information related through video and audio content. Students of all ages are already spending more time on tablets.



Large companies with many products print new catalogs every year. Tons of paper, images, revisions, time and money spent on a necessary but temporary marketing tool. Digital product catalogs are easy and efficient, and are built using the same programs as their paper versions. This means transitioning from print to digital is seamless, providing the same information on a different platform. No reprints. No printing costs. Just update your files, and republish only the modified content, instantly. Your clients, buyers, sales teams will all benefit, and so will the environment.



Mobile App

Mobile Browser

June 2015

Total: 1450 BN minutes


June 2014

Total: 1200 BN minutes


June 2013

Total: 950 BN minutes


Source: comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platforme & Mobile Metrix, U.S., Total Audience

5 reasons
to turn
your idea
into an app


To reach your users you need to adapt to their needs and going digital should be your number one priority as more than ever, mobile devices are used to access content even more than traditional computing devices.


With digital publishing, you can create an app with enriched content. The quality of the content will thus increase your audience’s engagement and increase the value of your brand perception.


The flexibility of this technology enables you to create, but also update content faster and easier than print or even other digital platforms, reducing your production cost and increasing your effectiveness.

A Personalized

Digital Publishing enables you to personalize your content to your unique user profiles. You can even manage which users have access to which content.


Having a publishing app enables you to adapt your content according to the actual market, and to improve the credibility and productivity of your business.

Our publications

Exposé Magazine

With 10 years of experience under its belt, Exposé Magazine has always kept true to its mission of covering and contributing to the expansion of Quebec’s skateboarding scene – here and abroad. With over 800 points of distribution in Quebec (news stands, corner stores, super markets…) as well as skateshops and skateparks throughout Canada, Exposé is the most distributed francophone skate magazine in the Americas. The magazine is also available abroad in skateshops throughout the USA and Europe.

LV8 Magazine

LV8 is a Digital Magazine that examines the world of Startups and the Ecosystems that have been built around them, with the goal of showcasing their Products and Services. We aim to keep our readers up to date on new ideas, trends and innovations, and deliver information that is relevant and useful for consumers, potential clients and investors alike. LV8 speaks to the planet’s Startup Culture and to those who wish to join its ranks. The format of our digital magazine will also provide the startups with a premium platform for them to deliver their Elevator Pitch like never before. In addition to our core focus, LV8 also delivers timely and interesting lifestyle stories related to the world of startups.

Our partners

Certified Adobe Partner

In 2015, BLUE digital agency became a certified Adobe partner for its Publishing Suite. Adobe Publishing enables BLUE to maintain its innovative approach to design in an ever-changing digital world. Adobe’s solution gives us the freedom to bring our creativity to various tablet and mobile devices. This allows BLUE to create tools focused on marketing and communications, sales, as well as training and education.

Blue Publishing and Ensemble form a partnership

BLUE is proud to announce a partnership with Ensemble from Vancouver. Ensemble has been providing IT solutions to organizations in various fields and is an essential partner in BLUE Publishing. The team at Ensemble empowers our content, bringing it to life and delivering it, in real time, to various tablets and mobile devices.

Virtual Paper announces partnership with Blue Publishing

This forward-thinking alliance will allow Virtual Paper customers to benefit from Blue Publishing’s expertise in digital and creative strategy. It will streamline content delivery and spur growth for the customers of both Blue Publishing and Virtual Paper. The suite of powerful creative solutions now made available through Blue Publishing will have an immediate impact on Virtual Paper’s content quality and interactive offerings.