Workshop 2015

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BLUE hosted the Design, UX and Digital Publishing tent.

The BLUE think tank was on hand in the DESIGN+UX+PUBLISHING tent at ISF 2015

We brainstormed fresh ideas to help startups brand and promote their company online.

Coaches on the couch

Sophie Lymburner

Founder & CEO

Sophie was one of the first women entrepreneurs to dive into the interactive world, breaking ground with one of the first digital agencies in Canada in 1998. She acutely understands her clients’ challenges and proposes innovative solutions that will bring their brands closer to their audience. This is precisely why she has earned the trust of prestigious brands, such as Amway, Hagen, Merrell, Nokia and Lands’ End. She is currently involved in the development of a start-up dedicated to the world of yoga, while continuing to lead its digital agency, BLUE.

Sweet Pete

Artistic Director, UX Designer

It was while pushing his passion for illustration within the skateboarding scene that Pete made his place in the communications world. After 10 years at the heart of the ULC Skateboards brand and 7 years working as an Art Director within communication agencies, he has worked on countless multimedia and web projects for clients such as Merrell, Walt Disney, Yellow Pages, etc. A strong believer of the DIY, he maintains a passion for all things startup.

Rodrigo Vergara

Co-Editor-in-Chief, LV8 Magazine

Rodrigo is that guy that everyone in town seems to know somehow… And with good reason, as he is actively involved in some of the most prolific events in town: from his involvement in the arts and the world of fashion, to the Montreal Startup ecosystems. A true jack-of-all-trades, Rodrigo has over a decade of marketing consulting experience, all while accumulating a decade of event production & promotion. In his spare time he has written on several topics on numerous blogs: from Sports to Style, all the way to Politics and… You guessed it: Startups.

Jean-François Poulin

Information Architect and Interactive Strategist

With 16 years of experience in the interactive world, Jean-François worked as the Head of departments at the National Film Board of Canada and at 2020 technologies, as well as hundreds of projects. In the past two years, he has participated in the UX setup for two startups:, as director of user experience, and He is currently a consultant in UX and one of the founders of the event Tout le monde UX, which brings together UX stakeholders in the Montreal region, and is Vice-President UXPA Quebec. He is also co-founder of

Terri dancose

Director Blue Publishing

Terri began her career has a graphic designer, and is still passionate about design. She realized that her client relationships were the driving force behind delivering exactly what they wanted. It was the understanding of their business and marketing goals that ended in results that made all the difference.Taking all that was learned being an entrepreneur, from client relations, to design and final print production doors opened to an opportunity that was a perfect fit. Vice President of a small boutique agency in Montreal for 12+ years. Today, as Account Director at Blue, Terri is dedicating herself to Digital Publishing. Taking her traditional design and print knowledge into the future.


Social media dude

Having created social media campaigns for small non-profits all way to large multinational corporations, Julien has experience creating and managing multi-platform social media campaigns. Always on the lookout for what's coming next on the social Web, he aims to put clients in contact with their audiences in new and exciting ways. Having worked with various start-ups and incubators in Montreal, he also brings experience in the startup scene - combining user insights with exciting tech to broaden the reach of up and coming companies.

Blue Publishing
to launch LV8 Magazine

This year at the International Startup Festival, BLUE Publishing will launch LV8 magazine – a digital magazine whose mission is to examine the world of startups and the ecosystems that have been built around them. Come to the BLUE tent for a free download of the first edition, and reserve a time slot to pitch for the chance for YOUR startup to be included in a future issue!

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